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Green Petro Coke (Petcoke)

Unit Of Measure: Metric Tones (MT)
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) :
Maximum Order Quantity :

Residual crude oil resulting from petroleum refining can be processed to produce petroleum coke (also called petcoke) in delayed coking units. Petroleum coke is a versatile, cost-effective and high-quality energy source.

Purity and Consistency: At SBA, we are proud to offer petcoke of the highest purity and consistency. Each batch undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure we meet and exceed the most demanding industry standards.

Low Sulfur Content: Our petcoke is distinguished by its low sulfur content, which makes it environmentally friendly and complies with the strictest environmental regulations.

High Energy Density: Get exceptional energy performance with our petcoke. Its high energy density makes it an efficient choice for a variety of industrial applications.

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